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99・9%は仮説 思いこみで判断しないための考え方 (光文社新書)作者: 竹内薫出版社/メーカー: 光文社発売日: 2006/02/16メディア: 新書購入: 13人 クリック: 354回この商品を含むブログ (438件) を見る404 Blog, that is written by dan-san, described this …

read-eval-print roop?


Please see about a read-eval-print roop. think its view point is very useful and effective to do something. I recognize that REPL and review is different, but I feel similar that I read bo…

Golden Week!

I like a neat room, but there was a mess of papers, magazines, and books. I've piled up high magazines for clearing up, they become two 70cm. I try to read all of the volumes for my golden weeks.(Sorry for inconvenience. 練習のため読みにく…